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Branding, Marketing and Website Services

Branding and Identity

A business logo is ideally a picture of what your company is about. The colors, design style, and other pictorial elements all tell a story about your company. It’s often said a picture is worth a thousand words, but are the words the right words?

At SavvyPop we believe good brand development is a key building block to customer brand loyalty. Your brand design and colors should resonate with your target market and symbolize your business’ story—what it does and how it does it. If that resonance is out of tune, your customers’ ability to remember you may be flat. That’s why we go the extra mile to ensure that the logo and other elements of your brand sing the right words about your company identity. We love working with you to make your brand illustrate your company’s story.

When you’re ready to invest in developing a company brand that illustrates what your company is, contact SavvyPop. We’ll guide you through the brand development process so your business logo is as unique as your company.

Marketing Materials and Social Media

Businesses that don’t get enough customers don’t get to survive. That’s a brutally simple fact of business. We offer our small business marketing services, however, to help you not only survive but thrive!

We’ll help you develop a marketing plan that sensibly spreads your effort across several social media and print marketing strategies. Keeping your target market in mind, we’ll develop marketing concepts that will appeal to your customers and take advantage of each selected strategy’s benefits.

For many small business owners, there isn’t enough time to handle social media management. Let us take care of that for you. Following the marketing plan, we’ll use social media services like Facebook and Yelp to post on your behalf and respond to customers to keep them engaged with your company.

If you already know your way around social media, but are mystified when creating print media, we can help there too. We’ve been designing flyers, brochures, one-sheets, posters, invitations, (well, you get the point) for a long time. We’ll put the art in your marketing materials that catches your customers’ eyes and gets them to contact you.

When you don’t have time or ability to market you company, contact SavvyPop. We know marketing and want to connect you and your clients. That way we all thrive.

Website Design and Development

Small business website design is often a key part of the business’ success. Without a website, some customers may never find your company. Without a well-designed website, those customers who do find you may leave before learning how you can help them.

The resources spent to build a website uniquely yours are resources well spent. A custom website helps separate you from competitors who cut corners with cookie-cutter sites. We build websites that emphasize your branding and appeal to your customers. Good design invites them to stay and helps them quickly find what they’re looking for.

When you’re serious about growing your business, contact SavvyPop. We’ll help you stake a claim in the digital world. And we’ll keep working that claim until it’s something you’re proud to call your own.

Website Maintenance and Website Hosting

As a business owner you probably want to focus on satisfying your customers and getting new customers. You probably don’t want to spend time learning how to register a domain name and find a small business website hosting service. We’ll be glad to take care of that for you.

We can purchase a domain name for you and handle the domain name registration. Once you have a website domain name, you need a place on the Internet to put it. We’re pleased to offer affordable website hosting to our customers. Keeping up-to-date with security patches and computer software updates is important to keeping your website ready to welcome visitors. We can help you pick from a selection of website maintenance services to find the one that best fits your needs.

Unlike some other web designers, when we buy a domain name for you and host it, we’ll give you the access codes. That way if you decide to ever part ways with us, you’ll own and control your website. We don’t believe in holding your website hostage; you should run away from any companies that do.

Keeping your website up and working is an essential part of your marketing. If your website is down, so is your ability to attract new customers. Contact SavvyPop when you want your website hosting and maintenance done right.